Why we recycle

What we offer customers is the most environmentally sound solution when it comes to using printer cartridges – the reuse of existing cartridges is the true form of recycling which offers you significant savings. We can offer you a cartridge with more ink in it than an original and still charge half of the original price.

We are a truly green company and recycle all material we handle in our cartridge workshops. This includes non refillable plastic cartridge waste as well as printers which get broken down and reused again as raw materials.

We have calculated that we prevent up to 15 tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic waste going into landfills each year, something we are very proud of.

How much could you save?
Theres never been a better time to buy Brother
Refill - Tiny BillRefil - tiny bill

For the biggest savings our refilled cartridges give perfect results and the majority contain double the amount of ink as originals at half the price!

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