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Firstly if you have chosen to refill congratulations as you will be reusing an item which is the ultimate way of recycling and undoubtedly the greener option which saves you money in the process. A win win situation!

The following are tips are to help you give us the cartridge in the best condition to refill it and send back to you fully working like an original cartridge.

Please take note if your cartridge is a tank or a print head cartridge. Tanks supply ink to the printhead that is fixed into the printer. Print heads cartridges have the actual print head on the cartridge itself. The printhead is the bit which heats the ink up and puts it on the paper.

Tanks look similar to this. They are a simple container with an ink exit port. Most nowadays have a microchip. Ensure the chip is clean. If you have a transport clip use that or put in a bag to send to us.

Print heads look like this. Take note not to touch the circuit board strip on the back with your fingers. These cartridges get hot in order to print so its better to not print after they have run out ink or started to show signs of running out. Ink also acts as a coolant so its better to refill sooner than later after it shows signs of fading.

Cartridges often have residue ink after running out so if you have a transport clip use that to send to us, or seal in a bag before sending.

When you insert the refilled cartridge in the printer:

You may see a message on the printer that says – “non HP cartridge detected” or similar. These message are pre programmed into the printer in the factory.

Canon ink tank cartridges: Often no message appears.

Canon print head cartridges: Press and hold the round button with a triangle on the printer for 6 seconds

Brother ink tank cartridges: Often no message appears.

HP ink tank cartridges: Follow on screen message and press OK.

Please note: If you want us to fill a non original cartridge this is usually possible but in some cases if the microchip does not work we reserve the right to send you one of ours for no extra charge