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Firstly if you have chosen to refill congratulations as you will be reusing an item which is the true form of recycling and undoubtedly the greenest option which also saves you money. A win win situation! Right let’s get right down to it…

Is your cartridge is an ink tank or a print head cartridge?

Printheads look like this:

Printhead cartridges actually do the printing. They heat the ink and spray it on the paper. They have a an electronic strip and a metal bottom which you should avoid contacting with your fingers.

If you continue printing after the cartridge has ran out of ink you risk it overheating(ink cools it down). To get a decent refill send us cartridges that haven’t been running on empty for too long.

You can get at least 5 lives out of a printhead cartridge if you look after it.

Put in a transport clip or bag before sending to us in an envelope or jiffy bag.

Ink tanks look like this:

Ink tanks supply ink to the printhead(the bit that heats the ink and sprays it on the paper). Tanks are effectively just a container of ink and generally don’t wear out like printhead cartridges do over time.

Tanks should be put in a transport clip if they came with one or a bag before putting in your envelope or jiffy bag.

What exactly can you send to us for refill?

The follow original ink cartridge brands:

  • • Brother
  • • HP
  • • Canon

We will be refilling Epson cartridges soon so please check back here for that

If you have a non original cartridge we can refill these brands:

  • • HP
  • • Canon

We don’t refill Brother compatibles.

When you insert your refill or compatible cartridges…

You can print straight away. It may say “Non original, Used or Counterfeit Cartridge Detected” or similar wording or the ink levels will show as low or empty. Either way you can press ok or accept and print immediately. These type of messages are pre-programmed into the printer in the factory so don’t be concerned about them.

If for any reason you can not print this following procedure usually does the trick:

  1. Remove all cartridges
  2. Turn the power off via the power button
  3. Pull the plug
  4. Leave for 1 minute.
  5. Plug back in and turn on.
  6. Reinsert the cartridges

If you have tried this and still have an issue:

Take a picture of an error message and email to us at [email protected].

We will be more than happy to help.

Other tips…

Canon print head cartridges: When you first insert the ink press print and a window appears on the computer showing a diagram of the cartridge. Press and hold the round button with a triangle on the printer for 6 seconds and printing will begin.