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At Cartridge Right, we offer a handy refill service for ink cartridges for a wide range of popular inkjet printers. We understand that you may not always want to purchase a new cartridge as they tend to be costlier and less environmentally friendly than refilling your existing one, which is why we offer a bespoke ink cartridge refill service.

“Will my printer moan if I use a refilled cartridge” I hear you say. Well yes a lot of printers are programmed in the factory with a standard set of messages once they detect the original has been reinserted (as a refill). This usually says “only use if you believe it contains ink” or “non original cartridge detected” Just press ok and continues to print as normal. Some manufacturers say your cartridge is empty but if you are using a Cartridge Right refill ignore this false message and continue printing as normal!

To ensure convenience for you, we work hard to maintain a turnaround time of 1-2 days in store or if using the online free postal service just 3-5 days. We do however understand that being without a printer, whether for personal or commercial use, can be difficult and may not be an option for some. So, we also offer an excellent range of ink cartridges, including compatibles and manufacturer originals, if something is needed to bridge the gap while you are waiting to receive your refill.

The refill service we offer is easy to use and can be completed in three steps:

Step 1: Identify Your Cartridge

The first step is to identify the model number of your cartridge that needs replacing. This will usually be printed on the cartridge itself as well as on the packaging it came in. If you have not retained the original packaging, you may need to open up your printer to inspect the cartridge itself.

It also pays to be aware that there are two main types of inkjet printer cartridge. Is yours a tank or a print head cartridge?

  • Printheads: Printhead cartridges have the actual print head on the cartridge itself. This type of cartridge will have an electronic strip and a metal bottom, which you should avoid touching with your fingers. It is best practice to send us your cartridge before you are running completely on empty, otherwise you run the risk of it overheating. If it is looked after properly, we would expect a printhead cartridge to last for at least five refills

  • Tanks: Tanks supply ink to the printhead that is fixed into the printer. Tanks are effectively just a container of ink, and generally don’t wear out as printhead cartridges do over time, so you can continuously refill these without them wearing out, so expect big savings over time when we refill your cartridges!

Step 2: Place Your Order

Please use the top text search box to search for your model of printer or cartridge, for cartridges try just the main number without the final letter or letters. When you find your cartridge, you can add the refill product to your cart and check out in the normal way. This gives us a record of what was ordered in advance of your sending your cartridge to us.

If a refill for your printer is not listed or you cannot find our listing for it in the search box, call us to place your order over the phone during normal office hours. We’ll be happy to take payment that way too. The number is 0117 924 8888.

Step 3: Bag Your Cartridge and Send to our Freepost Address

Whichever cartridge you have determined needs replacing, remove it carefully from your printer according to the instructions in your manufacturer’s manual, then place in a transport clip if it came in one, or a watertight bag or covering if not, before sealing within a suitable lightly padded envelope.

Some cartridges won’t be completely empty, so using a watertight bag will ensure that any remaining ink will remain in the sealed bag.

Please include your order summary within your envelope. Label the envelope (you can write this by hand): ‘Please send to FREEPOST CARTRIDGE RIGHT’, ensuring our name is in uppercase, bold letters. In order for us to keep prices low, we ask that you do not use oversized packaging such as cardboard boxes, as larger items cost us more and would mean we had to charge more for our refill service. An envelope or jiffy bag is adequate.

To browse the HP ink refills click here, For Canons click here or if you have any questions about this service or would like advice, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0117 924 8888.