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At Cartridge Right, we know that opting for a refill rather than buying a new ink cartridge may be a new option for you or one that you’re unsure about. That’s why we have listed the ways in which our refill service may be beneficial to you here.

So why would you choose a refill option over buying a completely new cartridge?

Good Print Quality

When we refill we completely remove all old ink and replace with fresh. We test in our printers and check to make sure the quality is brilliant before we package and give back to you. When you refill with Cartridge Right your cartridges really do work and come with a full money back guarantee for quality and performance.

Reduced Costs

Using our easy refill service, you just pay the price for your refill. Rather than paying the full price of a brand new cartridge, which is often upwards of £15-£40 per ink, you pay around half the cost in order to for us to refill your existing cartridge. Also, we can normally fit much more ink in than the manufacturer provides in its new products, so overall you will usually get around double ink and pay half the price!

We even cover the cost of you sending your cartridge back to us with our convenient freepost service – two-way post is all included in our price.

Environmentally friendly

Provided that you take good care of your ink cartridges, we would expect to be able to refill them at least five times from new. Extending the life of your cartridges by refilling and reusing where you can is a sound option from an environmental perspective. You’ll be directly saving on plastic waste and without having to worry about the incidental environmental costs associated with the plastic recycling process.

Loyalty Scheme

Because our refill service is more environmentally friendly and saves you money we have introduced a loyalty card scheme you can join when you use us. Once you have clocked up enough refills, you will be entitled to a free refill on us – leading to even greater savings.

After reading about these advantages of refills over new cartridges, you may want to look at the processes by which we carry out our ink refill service. It is a simple three-step service that we have refined in order to make it as efficient and clear to follow as possible for you.